Hey there! 👋

We’re a small company of 4 people, looking for our first full-stack developer.

Our 2 cofounders met on Twitter in 2017 and have bootstrapped the business to profitability since then.

We develop web applications in the team engagement space. We have about 5 applications currently, 3 of which are QuizBreaker.com, WorkStyle.io & PulseMate.com

You’ll work with our CTO, to develop new features and maintain our existing projects.

We value work-life balance and we’re not a fast paced startup where everything has to be done yesterday. We’re looking for someone who wants a steady job and to join us for the long term.

We value developers with broad skillsets that have sharp attention to detail.

If that’s you, we’d love to chat! 🤝

Our stack: (experience required)